I have heard many people complain, my wife or husband is not sexy. He or she is not fun to be with, this marriage is so dull. Well, it depends on what you think sexy is. Many times, what we think or believe affects what we see. Something good may be in front of our eyes but as long as we believe it’s not good, we will never be able to use it or even appreciate its good qualities.
When a couple begins to place emphasis on those
qualities within them and seek ways at which they can
develop them and make them better in producing joy
and thanksgiving in their spouse, it makes for happy
moments in marriage and a beautiful marriage is borne.
This does not mean you should not seek for ways to
make yourself look attractive and presentable to your
spouse. The point is, you should not put all the emphasis
on physical beauty. The bible says that charm is deceitful
and beauty is vain but a woman who fears God should be
praised. A God fearing man should also be praised. It’s
not your physical beauty that will show respect to your
spouse but with your physical beauty at hand go the
extra mile and develop the character of thanksgiving,
patience, longsuffering and kindness within you and then
you will see that you have become a complete package
to your spouse, A man or woman of inestimable value.
What is sexy? Let me answer it this way. My wife is sexy, she smiles often, she has a good sense of humor, there is this funny way that she slants her mouth when she kisses me, she walks like an angel and most of all, wait for it, this one totally blows my mind; she is kind and gentle. Yeah, she is sexy alright. That’s what sexy is! Your spouse is sexy too. Don’t be blind to their exceptional qualities,learn to appreciate and verbalize your appreciation of those good qualities in your spouse. Change the way you’re thinking. Your spouse is so sexy,if they are not,you wouldn’t have married them. Yeah,they are sexy alright, go check it out.


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