My marriage is a miracle. My marriage is a gift from God.

When I got married to my wife some years back, I made a commitment to spend the rest of my life with her. I vowed that I will love, honor and treasure her as long as I live, whether things turn out good or bad. It was a commitment made with so much uncertainty and doubts. Uncertainty as to what the future holds and doubts as to whether we will make it together forever. I love her so much, and there was no doubt about this love, then and now. As I look back now, I was committing myself to a journey I have read so much about but knew little of.

My country may be different from yours, my tradition may also go in opposite direction with yours but when it comes to marriage, the language is the same; you vow to love and honor your spouse all the days of your life. We were not all born with this language ready in our mouth but we have to learn it. We have to learn how to go beyond ourselves and love another. We have to learn how to be a gift to our spouse, We have to learn how to make sacrifices, the bedrock of any great marriage. We have to learn how to give, giving voice to our expression of love. We have to learn how to speak the language of love. We have to learn how to be loyal, certainly a quality we were not born with but one we have to learn if we are to succeed in our marriage,

Before I entered into marriage, I had a lot of Ideas about marriage. I wanted a beautiful marriage. I wanted a marriage that I will have joy in. I continuously dreamt of coming home in the evenings and having my wife and a lovely daughter welcome me back from someplace, my wife smiling, my daughter filled with joy and I radiating warmth towards all of them. Then, I had the marriage experience, the gift of marriage. Wow! This is simply an experience you need to have to know how great it can be. The beautiful in my marriage was definitely quite different from the one of my dreams. The scenario was different and the experience was different. My saving grace was that I had made a vow that I will love my wife. I believed in my vow I cherished my vow and I wanted to make it happen ,I also married a wife that believed in her vow and wanted to make her marriage beautiful.

I am not done with the unwrapping of the gift God gave me but as I look back now, I can see why my marriage is really a gift from God.

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