flashy6I remember when my wife said the above words to me. She said it coolly, calmly and in a very soft voice. I was getting ready to go to the office then. I just smiled and said thank you.

I thought that was the end of it, but the words just kept on ringing in my ears for the rest of the day. I will be working on something and suddenly, I will just hear, you are the best husband ever all over again. Each time I hear the words, I will just start smiling all over again. I was so happy that day, putting cheerfulness into everything I was doing. Such is the power of appreciation.

Since then, my wife has kept on telling me on numerous occasions and in different ways how much she appreciates and loves me. Sometimes, it comes in a simple ‘thank you’ and at other times, with a surprise dish prepared and waiting for me as I come back home. On each of these occasions, this act has produced tenderness and a feeling in me that cannot be described by mere words. Any wife can make her husband to feel like a king by choosing the right words to build and uplift her husband. You can actually take your husband to great unimaginable heights of success by just speaking life giving words to your husband and showing appreciation as much as your creativity will allow you.

When you take a close look at it, saying thank you to our partner takes no effort, but is very important. There is nobody who is involved in a marriage union who won’t like to be appreciated. When your wife prepares for you a beautiful meal, telling them thank you and mentioning how beautiful the meal was makes them feel appreciated. Also telling your wife you value her contribution in the home and expressing your gratefulness for the effort she makes in taking care of the children will go a long way in boosting her self esteem.


A wife could also thank her husband for being the kind of man he is. She could appreciate him for everything he does for her and how happy she is to be with him. Men with their sensitive ego will always deeply feel this kind of appreciation. Thank you is a simple phrase that can give your marriage a new lease of life.

Begin today to show it!

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  1. Bankole Ezekiel Oluwaseyi

    This is quite great and romantic.Though I’m still single but I believe reading this is part of my learning nd building process for a blissful marriage soon.Thanks and God bless u.

  2. Miracle

    God is wonderful! Marriage is indeed beautiful if you wil only obey the instructions and leadings of the Holy Spirit, I promised to do all I have to do in order enjoy the beauty of marriage with my spouse in Jesus name… So help me God, Amen! Thank you so much for every teaching Dear Kalu. GOD BLESS YOU!

  3. derek

    yes yes yes yes i totaly agree saying thank you darling/ my love / wow u are a really great wife / just show appreciation for everything each of u do for each other is so inspirational it inspires so much more in a marriage and it teaches the children the value of appreciation but please please it all comes down to nothing if you dont have god in your marriage and also show your appreciation to your spouse
    just dont say it show it

  4. Kendra Chime Kpea

    We lasted 6 years in our relationship but looking back to 1yr, 4 months in marriage is like we’ve been into it for ages. Everything seems so old and boring. No outtings, he does the going out, while am tied down with a 10month old baby and another on the way. Its not as if he doesn’t help out. No. He is a super huby but its as if am old. This morning I said to my husband, “I don’t feel beautiful anymore” and he replied “have you seen any pregnant woman as beautiful as you?” Though I felt elated, I still have those “old girl feelings. I know marriage is beautiful. Maybe there are little things I’ve taken for granted but I’ve promised to sit up immediately after reading this post. I know he is the best husband, but I’ll put it into words and tell him when he gets back. #smiling already. Hearty thanks to you Mr. Kalu

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