DARLING!You can say you are beautiful to your spouse! Just one word, but a word that makes a whole lot of difference in a woman’s world. A Beautiful marriage is made up of beautiful people who know how to appreciate one another and verbalize their positive estimation of one another. Husband and wife who see and appreciate each other’s beauty. Couples who don’t just internalize their appreciation of each other’s beauty but voice it out. When you see your spouse as they are dressing up, don’t keep quiet, it’s an opportunity to tell them how they look, for you are their mirror. You are the first to see what others will be seeing for the rest of the day. You are the only one also who will be seeing the wonderful underwear your spouse is putting on, which others will never have an opportunity of seeing or complimenting. If she does not have undies worth complimenting get her one!

Please say something! Tell her how wonderful her undies look on her. Remind your wife how beautiful she is. People easily detect in other people what is already in them. Beautiful spouse, beautiful marriage. Who is more qualified to tell a woman that she is beautiful than her husband? When your husband or wife dresses up in the morning, please, tell them that they are handsome or beautiful. It is very encouraging for a spouse to know that their partner appreciates how they look and still thinks of them as handsome or beautiful not minding the number of years they have been together as a couple. It does not matter how old you are or how long you have been married. Simple appreciation, no matter the form it takes is a wonderful way of adding color to your marriage.

When a spouse knows that he or she is highly appreciated or valued, the one who receives the love will always have an urge or a longing to give back that which they have received. Even if you have been giving and not receiving, don’t despair. You will agree with me that giving of appreciation has a package that is attached to it, the joy of giving. A free gift which lightens your heart and sends waves of fulfillment to you whenever you show appreciation. It’s a win, win Situation.

Remember, your spouse is an opportunity to show love, kindness and gratitude; the best expression of meekness and humility and above all, the best person after God to lavish all the praise you can fathom on.

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