Romance is the lovely music we get to hear over and over again in our marriage which we will never get tired of. Romance is that icing we get to place on our cake to make it look wonderful and appetizing to eat. Romance makes our marriage exciting and fun. A beautiful marriage can never flourish for long without romance. No matter how much some married couples will try to downplay this fact, most have come to believe that romance is that  beauty, that spice, that glue in the marriage that keeps making married couples never want to be apart from each other even for a second.

There are so many ways a couple can keep their marriage romantic and brimming with love with or without sex. The trick is to identify how. It all starts by taking action and owning up to the fact that the ball is in our court and you have to play.

Hug your wife more; spoil her with many deep show of affection. Sweep her off her feet, brush her hair, stroke her and just stare into her eyes. Speak softly to your husband always. Respect him and give him honor.

Here is the part the man should watch it. It is very tempting at this point for the man to start heading for the breasts and private. Before you know what is happening your hands have started straying to places that speaks of other languages than romance. A hug, a kiss, and touch with no sexual message/signal is a wonderful way of meeting a woman’s deep need of affection.

Here are some more suggestions of how to show affection without really screaming sex:

–      Write your spouse a love message and slip it into their hand or her handbag as you head for work.

–      Just buy your spouse a gift out of the blues with no reason attached to it.

–      Look into her eyes and tell her you love her eyes and that her eyes are beautiful.

–      Tell her you love the texture of her hair.

–      Practice platting with her hair, she will love it.

–      Practice hugging and kissing your spouse before you get out of bed in the morning.

–      Try taking evening walk together in the cool of the evening.

When you do this and so much more, be sure to expect the love to keep coming back to you, over and over again.

Marriage is beautiful!

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  1. Emmanuel Archibong

    I really love and cherish a blissful marriage, i believe in love when we talk of marriage; therefore when we talk of love, i also believe in equity law of love, you give me, and i give you exactly. With this is done, you see the marriage will be solidly cemented for life.

      1. Omolola

        Yes marriage is beautiful. We,my husband and I are having challenges on our sex life. Married for 9months now and haven’t experienced good love making. Please i need your advice sir. 

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