unknownAre you married and you think you are the only one qualified to make mistakes and be forgiven? Think again. Your spouse needs forgiveness as much as you do. Your spouse can make unjustified mistakes, but then, show your love, forgive them and let the love flow. Yeah! Let the love flow. When you forgive your spouse, you are opening up the door of forgiveness for yourself. There is one principle that Jesus taught me that I always apply in my life, he says, “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you”. This is a principle that whosoever takes the business of marriage seriously needs to fall in love with. This is a principle that will make you think twice before you beat your wife .This principle will guide you in the area of fidelity with your spouse.

I recently met a man who wanted me to mediate in a quarrel between him and his wife and based on their quarrel they had not slept together for 13 months. They were living as strangers in their home. None was willing to be the first to say sorry. They did not realize at first they were punishing themselves as the cold war lasted. When the war was finally over, the wife said, “It was a miserable 13 Months”. Saying I am sorry to your spouse shows a strong character and it also shows that you love your spouse. Saying I am sorry is for strong people. Its only weak people who find it difficult to say sorry. seek to be the first that will always say I am sorry. It’s always liberating to drop the load that comes from pride and arrogance.

For you to succeed in marriage you must have to be a good forgiver. Someone said, ‘Marriage is a union of two good forgivers. When you forgive your spouse, no matter the gravity of the offense, you not only free them but you free yourself also.
Can you please do something for me today? Go to your spouse right now and say, ‘I am Sorry’. It doesn’t matter how long the issue has lingered, just say it. Even if you are separated, pick up the phone right now and call. Make that call. Forgive and be forgiven, let fresh air come in to that relationship.
I don’t know who I am talking to today but i know you are out there and you are seeing this post.
This quarrel with your spouse has to end today. Make peace with your spouse and free yourself. It’s long overdue.

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