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My Marriage Is Beautiful! The day my LIFE changed for the better was when God sent my husband to me! February 16, 2003, we started dating & fell in LOVE. I was 15 & he was 17.I always knew that he was gonna be my husband, because this was not the typical teen relationship! We carried on those years & things became even serious years later. We NEVER separated or fought & 5 years later Dec. 25, 2008, (After permission from my parents) Antonio asked for me to be his wife(I ran circles around the house yelling) YESSSSSS, YESSSSS & my ring was too small. I quickly went & got the ring sized to my finger & wore it. My wedding was planned 1 year before he asked me so I was prepared lol…September 12, 2009 was the day we TIED & LINKED the KNOT. It was the best day of my LIFE, I sang my vows (1st part) to him when I got to the altar, the looks in his eyes were so magical & made the ceremony feel so surreal! We are still ONE after 5 years.. I thank God for every hardship, happy/sad moments, every yes/no; just for communication. We have quarrels & arguments, but who doesn’t? I also don’t have ANYONE in my household/business! I carry myself like a woman should & act like a wife would!! That’s why I can honestly say these 5 years has been the best years of my LIFE & we have forever more to go!! I have the BEST, most HUMBLE HUSBAND, a lady could ask for!! I appreciate his hard love & work! Now we are still awaiting our bundle of joy but it’s all in Gods timing, so I’ll continue to enjoy my spoiled puppy Miss Alegra (my dogter) until God say it’s time!! Please continue to keep us lifted because Marriage Is Beautiful!

Jessica Es’Myrae Willis

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