estrelMy husband & I met when I was 16 in 2004. We have been through everything you could imagine that could break us apart. Throughout our 10 1/2 years of being together, we have split up, got back together, created so many happy & sad memories. We had a baby boy in 2010, one of the happiest times of our lives. Last year, our love hit its rock was very dark & we seperated for as long as 8 months. We couldn’t live without each other. On Christmas 2013, we decided being together was not only the best thing for our son, but it was the best thing for us! God gave us another chance at love, so we decided to get married July of 2014!! We are so happy, happier than we have ever been. Our trust, communication & honesty has improved, our LOVE is so much stronger! Marriage is beautiful & I thank GOD that I have such a healthy & loving relationship!! #MarriageIsBeautiful

Stacy Estrel


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