My husband, Jeffrey Monroe, and I met in our senior year at North Carolina A&T State University in 1989. We became really good friends but parted ways at graduation. We hung out in groups but never dated. Two of our dear friends (and fellow Aggies), Sabrina Lindsay and Eric LeGrande, helped us reconnect after graduation by helping us exchange telephone numbers in each of our new cities. After graduation, Jeff lived near my hometown while I lived 3 hours away. Although we were still only friends, we ended up spending hours on the phone (back when you had to pay for long distance) several times per week and I made sure that I hung out with him at least one day of my many visits whenever I came home to visit my family. Jeff came to visit me a few times too. We really became best friends. After about a year of “talking and hanging out”, Jeff expressed to me that he wanted more. He said what started as a serious crush (he claims it really started for him while we were at A&T) had grown into love and he wanted us to officially begin dating. We dated for an additional year before he popped the question. We had fallen deeply in love….started as friends, became best friends, fell in love, realized that we were soulmates! We got married 8/1/1992 and celebrated 22 years of marriage yesterday. We have had good times and bad, have had many celebrations and have also had disappointments and through it all, we have put God first and constantly worked to strengthen our bond. The love part is easy, the marriage has been work! With God and our love for each other, we have made it this far and we expect to continue to use that formula to experience many more years of marital bliss! We have two great children – Jeffrey II (18) and Jonathan (17). God and our love helped give us the foundation, hard work and effort help build our successful union and our life experiences and lots of laughs helped fill our lives with joy! Marriage is beautiful!



  1. Verdina Walker Bingham

    Aggie Pride! Love it! You know what I think about the shirts in the pic but I already know that y’all bleed blue and gold. 🙂 Wishing you a lifetime of more anniversaries.

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