Being married does not give you an excuse to be ignorant of how to show affection to your Spouse. Marriage gives you an opportunity to practice over and over again with your spouse till you get it. Showing affection to your spouse is one activity and a responsibility you must discharge by yourself everyday if you must enjoy a good marriage.
A beautiful marriage relationship is always characterized by that special ability to have strong physical connection with your spouse whether it leads to sex or not. If a couple can learn to play with themselves,kiss themselves,touch themselves and even bath themselves as part of the things they need to do to keep the fire burning in their marriage without sending sex signals,then that couple would know they don’t have much to worry about when it comes to affection and intimacy.
Here are some few suggestions of how to show
affection without really screaming sex:
– Write your spouse a love message and slip it into their
hand or her handbag as you head for work.
– Just buy your spouse a gift out of the blues with no
reason attached to it.
– Look into her eyes and tell her you love her eyes and
that her eyes are beautiful.
– Tell her you love the texture of her hair.
-Tell your husband that you love hearing his voice.
– Practice platting with her hair, she will love it.
– Practice hugging and kissing your spouse before you
get out of bed in the morning.
– Try taking evening walk together in the cool of the
Lavish your love on your Spouse. Learn new,better and easier ways of showing love and affection to your Spouse everyday. Your Spouse is your one and only lover.
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  1. Don smith

    I think that marriage is beautiful is wonderful to read if you is in love or having trouble with your marriage. When I first met my best friend I thought she was the most beautiful woman on this planet. Years ago we both had another person in our life which we both thought we was in love with but we ended up getting cheated on by them. So we knew each other for all these years but we just spoke and kept on moving in our daily life until one day back on September 7 2012 we started dating and we ended up getting married on march 15, 2013. People ask how and why we get married so soon and we dnt know each other. I tell them we knew each other for over 18 yrs but never once made a pass at each other cause we had someone in our life then and we thought that was the right thing to do was stay with the person we was with and nt cheat on them. Now that I have the woman of my dreams I thank the man above for putting us together and answering our prayers of finding a good person to love and they love you back. More and more each day I falls back in love with my wife who I adore an love so much. She is my lifeline and my queen and will not take nothing for her. When I’m away for work or she’s at work I misses her everytime and I wonder why? It’s because I’m in love with my wife and she have made me the luckiest man alive to have someone who I love and the love me the same. 

  2. sofia

    We are nt married but dnt knw how to make my guy happy even due he does nt complain I dnt feel comfortable we are nt close he is outside the country but we do chat everyday.what do I do to make him happy.

  3. Antoinette Abrahams Mrs Peterson

    I love your page I read it every day and try my best to apply what is given and it works for me thAnk you,I’m interested in the book,how much is it?

  4. Yarmyla Joyner James

    July 2,2014 My husband and I where married after 26 years together. I love my husband so much and he loves my nothing can stop this love this love that we have!!!!!!! Loving the marriage life!!!!!

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