My name is Jackey. My husband and I met in Jacksonville, Florida during the summer of 2002. We are best friends, who have endured the complications that come with being a dual military couple. Distance has not stopped the love, because communication and our faith in God have remained a priority through the years. We were married on April 7, 2012. He’s currently deployed, but will be coming back as we fight the biggest hurdle of our life. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. We believe that as we continue to have hope, reach out for support when needed, and hold strong to our faith in our Lord, He will get us through, allowing this test to become our testimony! Marriage Is Beautiful!


  1. Asandiswa

    that i very beatifull God bless u more nd more but as for me there was nothing beatifull in my marriage accept being blessed wth 3 beatiful kidz i think it was the biggest mistake i ever did but my God knows y i entered in that marriage

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