Hi I’m Jen and married to this wonderful guy for two years (August 4, 2012)..and for that two years we had our misunderstandings…a bit of argument but still we make sure that at the end of the day we’ll make it up and settle all things in place…We always put God in the center of our life coz we believe that only God who can gives us our destiny and only him can take that destiny from us….live life to the fullest no matter what…Marriage is beautiful if you’re the right person…



    1. Corina

      Yes Doris, Marriage can be a very miserable existence if you are not with the right person, with similar values and morals. For me that would be a person who is open and honest, respectful, understanding, compromising, loyal, caring, genuine, and considerate. And not someone who is selfish, self serving, subservient, dishonest, unable to compromise or see others point of view, etc. However, not everyones values and morals are like mine… hence, marriage isn’t beautiful with just anyone…

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