weedHi my name is Mariel and my huaband is Auden. We met each other when I was in college. He got my number through his cousin which happens to be one of my closest friend. He was so eager to win my love and he did! At first, I didn’t entertain his sms and calls because I have priorities, my studies and my son. Yes, I had my son when I was only 17. He embraced all of me. My past and my son. He also have his one daughter and a son. We all know that entering in this kind of relationship is not a joke. But he showed me that everything’s gonna be alright. Its so hard nowadays to find a man together with his family who will accept a girl with package deal , if you know what I mean. Luckily, both sides accepted each other’s past and most importantly our children. A year after my graduation, he asked me to marry him that was last march 15, 2014. That was a simple yet a start of our happy ending life. A month after our wedding, he chose to be back in his vessel where he works. Lucky me who found this great guy, my love, my best friend, my father, my brother who saw me through my ups and downs, but never leave me. Lucky are the girls who have the same story. He’s still in the ocean right now but he will be back in December. Ayeee! Our love is stronger than the miles between us!

Mariel Alapan Flauta


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