Marriage,just like most good things in life is always, constantly under attack and anyone who loves and cherishes his own marriage will always rise up to the occasion when duty calls to defend and protect the very institution that is the only hope of saving the world. In marriage,a time comes when an individual begins to lose his steam and the zeal which he or she started with will no longer be there. The individual begins to take for granted,his responsibility towards the spouse. Things you took joy in doing for your spouse previously now begins to look like a chore. The urge is no longer there to set as high priority, your making your very existence a gift to your spouse.
Never let weariness to set into your Marriage. Don’t get tired of doing those things that keeps your love and your Marriage alive. Many separations and divorce occurred when the couples where sleeping and did not know that weariness had set in and they are gradually getting tired of one another. Always be at alert for these signs.Some signs that weariness hawe set in includes:
1. How you treat your spouse presently is nowhere near how you were treating them when you were courting or newly married. You have allowed the steam to gradually dissipate.
2. When you can’t deliberately look your spouse in the eyes and smile. It now becomes cumbersome and uncomfortable to look into the eyes of your spouse for a few seconds and just smile without saying a word.
3. When you stop calling your spouse their pet name if you had one for them previously. You start to reason the rationale behind why you started calling them the name in the first place.
4. When it’s easier for you to blame your spouse instead of appreciation and saying kind words to them.
5. When you stop eating together.
These are just few signs but it’s not limited to only These.
Don’t accept the myopic idea being peddled around that love in marriage wanes with time. No! That’s not true. Marriage keeps getting sweeter and sweeter as time goes by. Just keep falling in love with your spouse over and over again and you will find out that this is true.
Marriage is sweet and beautiful!


  1. Sandy

    What do you do when your spouse has cheated multiple times with various people and after years of forgiveness, you suddenly just don’t care to be in their presence anymore? You’re feeling guilty for not being in love with this person anymore and don’t know what to do when your mind just says “Get Out” and do something to make myself happy because I know my worth?

    1. Kay B

      Sandy, I am going to be honest w u. Please don’t take this offensively.  If u can’t stand to be in his presence then u no longer love the man, u have not truly forgiven this man, and get out bc all you are doing is making yourself completely unhappy and probably he is miserable too.  Get some professional counseling bc u are going to need it.  N a good lawyer.  Especially if he keeps doing it

    2. Patrick

      Infidelity in a marriage is a very painful and devastating experience. No one should have to endure it because of the suffering that it brings. It is the one condition under which Scripture allows a person to divorce his/her spouse; yet , even in such a situation, reconciliation and restoration is still possible, by the grace of God. However, what would be the point in continuing to allow yourself to be disrespected and hurt by a spouse who obviously doesn’t care about you or the marriage? Why should you be “feeling guilty” when you are not the one who is committing adultery? Your falling out of love with this person is a natural reaction to the abuse you and your marriage are getting. It occurs to me that you have sacrificed your happiness and done all you could to save your marriage, but your spouse doesn’t care or appreciate it. You have two choices : stay in and continue to endure the suffering and humiliation, or get out and find a more worthy person who truly deserves you.


    Me and my fiancé , plan to get married on May 9, 2015. We have had our ups and down. Disagreements with his beliefs and mine. I love him very much and I know that he loves me. I have been sending him information that I am learning from Marriage is Beautiful. Pray for our union.

    1. Patrick

      I am not quite sure what you mean when you say you both have disagreements about each other’s beliefs. However, if this has to do with your religious convictions, then you are both treading on dangerous ground. Being unequally yoked in any relationship, especially marriage, is a recipe for disaster, for two cannot walk together except they be agreed. Think about this and refrain from jumping into something that will later cause you nothing but grief and misery. Many marriages fail exactly because of the kind of situation you now find yourself in.

  3. Isckry

    I usually suggest to try to find out some hobby together, when we fall in love we used to have some fun with our partner, but as life goes by, we usually get involved in so many responsabilities and following timely manner schedules so stressed and exhausting, children, work, financial issues lead us to forget the good times when we use just to meet and go -for example- to the movies on saturday or any other afternoon, eat at some hot dog place we used to enjoy just to meet, going in long walks at National or any other park, dance with people our age in some dance studio….  we should make a list of funny things to do together.

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