chantelleAfter reading the stories from Marriage Is Beautiful. I would like to share my story of me and my husband. Me and my husband got married on July 18 2014. We have known each other since we were 18. I met him at my high school graduation party. He was a good friend of my brother whom he asked to invite. We started dating at 19. And have been together since. We are now 23. I can truly say that he is the love of my life and best friend. I remember as we started dating in our first year we instantly fell for each other. We were also each others first. People could see that we were in love and still to this day. I know we are young but that does not matter when you have your soul mate by your side. We have been through a lot together and it only made us stronger. We are expecting our first child in November, a baby girl. Even though we married at the JOP with a few relatives. Our family is planning us something for our one year anniversary. All I can say is that true love hits only a few in a lifetime and I’m Glad that I have Johnathan by my side as my partner and soulmate. Couldn’t ask for a better man on this journey to share my life with. Marriage is truly beautiful!

Chantelle Reynolds


  1. Deby

    it is so good to be able to still have your first one in your marriage, it didn’t work with me but all things are working together for my good. i am still trusting God for greatness and happiness in relationship. 

  2. Aje Olushola

    Truly happy for you and your husband. Wish you both the best. Make Jesus Christ the center of gravity for your marriage and you will have many more joyous testimonies.

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