flashy4As a couple progresses in their marital journey, there is always a need to keep love fresh and as fruitful as it can get. Battles are fought constantly and won and as the years pass by,a couple can get wearied from the constant battles they have been fighting. Some of this battles can be something as simple as learning to say sorry when you offend your spouse or cultivating a forgiving spirit in your heart for your spouse. It could also be as serious as learning to fall in love with your spouse all over again if he or she was formerly involved in an affair. Whatever the battle has been,it can leave a couple stressed and depleted. What do you do when you find yourself in such situations? How do you rekindle your love for your spouse? I Will show you three things you must do to renew your love for one another and keep love fresh in your marriage.
These three things do when you need your Marriage to always be oven fresh,productive and alive:
1 Remove grudge and unforgiveness:It does not matter what your spouse has done to you,keeping it in your heart,bearing grudge against your spouse Will do your marriage no good. Lay aside the grudge,forgive the wrong done to you and move on. Without forgiveness,it is always difficult to move on even in other areas of life. Grudges has a way of making your marriage stale and unfruitful. Oven fresh marriage? Then lay aside every grudge.
2 Don’t live in regret over the past: No one who lives in the past has ever achieved great things. We all make mistakes. Some mistakes are just plain stupid and sometimes you won’t believe it yourself that you made such a mistake. Please,stop killing yourself over a mistake you made a long time ago. Forgive yourself and move on. It will do you no good to live in yesterday when your spouse has already moved on. Stop dragging your marriage back. Be happy that you learnt a thing or two from the experience and thank God for another opportunity He has given you to be better. Oven fresh marriage? Drop every regrets.
3 Always have new expectations in your Marriage: Keep asking yourself,what is the next step and place for me. The mistake has been made. So what? Always Believe the best for yourself and your marriage. Expect great things to happen in your marriage. Expect your spouse to turn a new leaf. Keep praying. Don’t stop. Expect great things in your marriage.
Always Pray,God what next? Show me the next step to take.
Your marriage needs to start the day fresh and end the day fresh. Keep it simple. Don’t keep leftovers. Renew your love each day. Yeah,love some more.


  1. keith

    I been going through something with my wife since april.and im trying to fix it she is away right now and im love sick I have 3 small children in all this who keep asking is u and mommy getting a divorce she pulling away im trying to get closer she said neglected her wwat do I do is it over

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