great colorsYou can say you are beautiful to your spouse! You are beautiful my love. Just one word, but a word that makes a whole lot of difference in a woman’s world. A Beautiful marriage is made up of beautiful people. Husband and wife who see and appreciate each other’s beauty. Couples who don’t just internalize their appreciation of each other’s beauty but voice it out. When you see your spouse as they are dressing up, tell them how they look, for you are their mirror. You are the first to see what others will be seeing for the rest of the day. You are the only one also who will be seeing the wonderful undies your spouse is wearing which others will never have an opportunity of seeing or complimenting. If she does not have undies worth complimenting get her one!

Don’t let strangers do your job for you. It is you, first and foremost who must appreciate your spouse. Just say it; it will not remove anything from you. You can praise and appreciate your spouse from the little things to the big ones. One great thing I have discovered about appreciation is that when you find it easy to praise and adore your spouse, you attract the same things to yourself. It’s a principle. Very soon it becomes a cycle, you give praise, and you receive praise. You appreciate you are appreciated. No matter what, don’t keep quiet, say it and mean it.

Please say something! Tell your wife how wonderful her undies look on her. Remind her how beautiful she is. Tell your husband you value his contribution in the home. It’s not a taboo to tell your wife that the meal she cooked is delicious. Have you ever told your husband that he is good in bed, try it tonight. Beautiful spouse, beautiful marriage. Who is more qualified to tell a woman that she is beautiful than her husband? When your husband or wife dresses up in the morning, please, tell them that they are handsome or beautiful. It is very encouraging for a spouse to know that their partner appreciates how they look and still thinks of them as handsome or beautiful. It does not matter how old you are or how long you have been married.

Keep your marriage fresh by identifying new ways you can shower appreciation on your spouse and it will have a lasting impact on them. After all, it your spouse and you are the one to reap the benefits of this great exercise. You are beautiful! Keep saying it to your spouse.

Marriage Is Beautiful!


  1. thomas

    really,lovely. its leaves no scar of doubt but a positive result to lively times spent together.waiting for the Lord to give me one,,of my life,,, and opportunity to share,show this to her.,,, , so sweet to be loved and to love,,,

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