I remember,once when I was praying with my wife at the beginning of a particular year that God spoke to me about certain assignments He would like me to do that year. I remember thinking,how could that be,how could this possibly come to pass. I shared it with my wife and we agreed together in prayer that this must come to pass. It was not long before obstacles started coming,doubts,fear and a lot of failure. What has been our saving grace is that there is agreement between us in prayer. We have kept on moving from one level of success to another. Prayer of agreement between couples really works.
Just few precious minutes set aside to discuss with the designer and creator of marriage is all you need to be a winner in Your Marriage. When you have questions about your marriage,the best thing to do will be for you to go back to the originator and get answers. He is always available to guide,help and restore.
It doesn’t come as a surprise to me again when each time I come across a couple who are enjoying marital bliss, or some older couples who are celebrating their anniversary, and I ask them their secret, and part of the secret comes out as: we pray together. That’s why I never joke or take for granted those precious few minutes I spend praying with my wife. We have fought and won battles in those few minutes. We have made decrees and refused the devil entrance to our marriage in those precious few minutes. Praying together as a couple will help you in the following ways:
1. A couple that prays together always have a strong physical,emotional and spiritual bond. The constant prayers,meditation and mutual encouragement has this calming effect on a relationship that often times makes couples to start seeing themselves as brother and sister.
2. A couple that prays together will never take no as an answer to the challenges of life and marriage. They will always stick together,uniting their hands and heart to fight the battles that every mortal encounters in life.
3. A couple that prays together will never want to be apart,separation or divorce is never an option. Problems and challenges are always seen as another mountain to be conquered in prayer.
It’s never too late. You can start praying together starting from today and you will see the difference it will make in your marriage.


  1. Thabiso

    Im experiencing a lot of problems in my marriege, and my wife does not trust me anymore because of the past mistakes i have done. I love her and willing to fight for our marriege.i don’t know were to start but i have been praying a lot these days to ask for forgiveness to everyone i have wronged in my life.

  2. Abena Owusuaa

    How I wish my husband will pray together with me. He doesn’t even want to go to church with me. I am sure cos we don’t pray together and do things together that is why we are facing problems. I also wish he could be reading this articles too. thank you

  3. Dianne

     Have Been In A Relationship With My Man For About 12 Years. He Is A NarcissusI And Is Really Hard To Love, But I Do. Help Me Figure Out How To Make It Easier. Please

  4. tochukwu

    Really thank God almighty for this article, I and my wife by his grace will be joining hand in marriage very soon. hopefully thing gonna workout by his grace,thanks for an article like Marriage is beautiful. 

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