My new eBook, ‘The 2014 marriage report. The game changer in Your Marriage this year’ is still available. This special report is available in PDF format and I am giving it away free to everyone on this page.
There is something about the times we are living in. How does it affect your marriage? This report is for those who want to be one step ahead of the devil when it comes to staying ahead of the game in their marriage.
Stop being powerless to forces that want nothing but regrets and misery for you in your marital life. It is fight back time. Get the weapon to use here.
How much does it cost to download this book? This book is free. Absolutely free to every one on this page.
While we continue to work hard in our organization to build. Sustain and strengthen marriages, we are determined to keep producing and distributing free resources that anyone can use to tackle pressing issues in their marriage. All those who do not have the opportunity of attending our seminars can also partake in the teachings at those seminars by the free resources we make available.
We need people to partner with us financially to enable us keep producing free resources like this. With a free gift of $100 and above you can strengthen us and tell us well done. As you do this, you become a partner with us in every marriage we bring restoration to. You become a partner in the reconciliations we bring to marriages and families. When God rewards us you are also rewarded. When God promotes us you’re also promoted.
There are some more benefits we think you should have as you partner with us and they are:
1. All our teachings at our monthly seminars will be delivered to your inbox on a monthly basis.
2. You will receive up to 25% discount for our annual couples retreat.
3. You will have 24hr counseling opportunity with Kalu Igwe, the president of Marriage Is Beautiful Inc.
4. Already, we have a prayer support system that caters for our members needs, but when you become a partner, we will pray with you on specific problems and challenges at any time you call our help center.
5. You will advertise and showcase your weddings , anniversaries and other occasions for free on our Facebook page that has over 2M members.
Take advantage of this opportunity to become a partner. Remember, it all starts by your making a commitment to support this ministry with a gift of $100 or more. God bless you richly as you support us.
Remember, whether you give a gift or not, this book is yours, just download it here:

Call +2348023572650 for more details.


  1. candy

    Please send me your free e book. I love to read your post everyday. I send these bolgs to my husband at work too! Thank you for your help with having a beautiful marriage!

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