baby christmasChristmas is here again! That time of the year when you take stock of what happened earlier in the year. That time of the year to get passwords. Password to the heart of our spouse. What is your password to your spouse heart? That magic act or word you say that automatically takes you to the most intimate part of your spouse heart. Consider yourself privileged if you have discovered this password to your spouse heart, for many have earnestly sought to discover for themselves that code that can take them deep into the recesses of their spouse heart but cannot.

You don’t have to search far to discover this password for the password is already deep within you, all you have to do is draw it out. However, there is one password I have discovered to be a master password. It is a password that breaks any difficult and intricate lock. That password is kindness. Kindness works wonders in any difficult marriage and for those already enjoying theirs; it keeps their marriage fresh and interesting. I know you have tried so many things to improve your marriage but have you tried kindness. Kindness is the game changer. There is no man or woman on earth who does not notice kindness when it’s in action. When kindness is in action, sometimes it looks so foolish and weak, but do you know that a beautiful marriage is not all about how intelligent or strong you are, it’s about you doing what others are not willing to do to help and build their marriage. Try kindness today.

I know that your spouse is special and unique. Nobody can ever be like your spouse for God has made your spouse special. Apart from kindness, there could also be one or two things that whenever you apply them, your spouse melts and is ready to go all out to please you. Discover this for yourself today. Take it up as a project. Research your spouse, do an analysis and run tests on your previous encounters and experiences. You will discover that there was a time you did a particular thing which made your spouse to open up their heart to you. That is a password. That’s why I said that the password is already in you

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