My husband and I have been married a year (3-23-2013). We’ve dated 4 1/2 years. We also went to middle and high school together. I never would have thought we would be a couple or even to be married. When I was asked to become Mrs. Brooks, I lost my breath. I love my husband so much that there is not enough words in the dictionary to describe the way I feel about him.My husband always treats me like a queen. And I have always treated him like a king.We both lost our mothers to cancer. We have always felt as if God and our mothers brought us together as one. I never knew that I could love so deep. I so love my husband as I call him,”Pop”,”Poppi”. He is my Boaz, my best friend, my lover, my everything. With God first in our lives, may he continue to keep blessing what he has brought together. Marriage Is Beautiful!

Mr.&Mrs. Ricktor. B. Brooks


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