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“And when my heart is overwhelmed, please lead me to the rock that is higher than I” Ps 61:2

Who is your rock in marriage, who do you run to when the center can no longer hold in your marriage? Who do you talk to when you are troubled in your marital walk? Who do you pour out your heart to and he listens and sooths you?

Don’t let the devil lie to you. Don’t accept any of the devils lies. God is with you even in the midst of the trials you are going through in your family now. I would like you to grasp a deep truth today that having trials in your family and in your marriage does not mean God is not with you in this present hour. The fiercer the battle, the deeper His love for you. God wants your marriage to work. Just trust him, walk with Him. He knows best for you.

The devil has only one goal for your marriage and that is to totally obliterate it. He comes with a diluted sense of destiny and weariness in your bones to stop you in being focused and pushing forward. No matter how tough life gets, don’t allow it to affect your marriage. Don’t allow it to affect the tender emotions you have towards your spouse. Don’t allow it to affect the feelings you show to your spouse. Don’t allow it to make you to stop loving your spouse.

Drop that mindset that keeps speaking defeat and failure to your marriage. Marriage is sweet and you can never have less. One thing is sure, if you look for good in your marriage, you shall find it. If you look for bad you shall get it. If I am you, I will keep looking for the good even when it’s difficult to find. I will believe the best for my spouse even when friends and relatives say otherwise. My spouse is my love and I will cherish him or her.

For me, Jesus is the Rock I go to. He listens to you when your spouse does not want to listen to your voice. He repairs the broken bridge that connects your heart to that of your spouse. He is all that you will ever need in your marriage.Call Him today.

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  2. Miracle

    Wow! This is great! My beloved, you have said it all, as long as we remain connected to Jesus, we will never know shame and satan will never write the last chapter of our lives! Keep the good works rolling and it will never go unrewarded because we are serving a faithful God. Thanks alot beloved and remain blessed in JESUS!

  3. Lanita Graves

    My marriage is in deep trouble, Satan is truly trying to destroy it, my husband has moved an alcoholic woman in our home, we have been separated for over a year, I pray to God every day to deliver my husband from the chains that bind him, I love him deeply, and I rebuke Satan out of our lives, and ask God to put our marriage back together.


    Marriage is new life for me im blessed with a beautiful woman in my life. I LOVE her with all my heart even when she think i dont we’re opposite sides of the same coin. In all i hold GOD first, my Wife second and my kids are all i need. 

  5. Marie ann

    We are presently going through a rocky path in our marriage. My spouse who is miles away from us, has changed from a loving-thoughtful one to ” I don’t care” attitude . I am trying to hold on. . . my family is all that matters to me. 

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