best giftGiving of gifts is one of the ways we express our love to the people we love. A gift less relationship is a relationship devoid of expression. God showed His love to the world by the gift he gave. He gave the gift of his only begotten son to die for the world. We give because we love. We cannot love without giving.

In marriage, the same principle follows. We have to follow the example God has shown us. We have to form the habit of gift giving to our spouse. We have to seek for little ways to show our spouse that we love them and cherish all that they have done for us.Is there a time to stop giving gifts to your spouse? As we grow older in marriage, does it become unnecessary to keep giving gifts to our spouse? Do we outgrow the receiving of gifts from our spouse or the feelings associated with it? I doubt we do.

As couples mature in their marital relationships, some tend to get too used to themselves that what they had loved doing in times past to and with their spouse begins to look less important to them and most times they stop doing it altogether.Giving of gifts does not have to end with marriage. Instead, marriage is an opportunity to do much more than we did during courtship. We have to seek for opportunities to give to our spouse. If there is no opportunity, you can create one. We have to be intuitive to know when and how to give to our spouse. Have you been so busy lately that you have had little or no time for your spouse. Then, consider giving your spouse a gift of your time which they cherish so much. Anticipate the joy your physical presence in the house will bring to your wife and the kids.

One of The best gifts you can give to your spouse is yourself. Keep your spouse guessing and thinking, what next? Continue to get better and better at decoding and reading your spouse so that you can get to the point where you will be able to respond positively to their needs without them opening their mouth to ask. Your spouse will cherish the gift you have become to them. No wonder, I always hear some people say when they pray: God, I thank you for my wife/husband. Become the gift your spouse will thank God for today.

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