freemanHello.. I wanna share our love story… My name is Mhadie and I met my husband Charlie through the internet last June 2012.. We started chatting and finally we met personally September 22 ,2012…I didn’t know that meeting him that day was the answers to all my prayers… After being together for 5 days he told me that he is so sure that I am the woman that he really wanted to be with for the rest of his life… So after 3 months of being boyfriend and girlfriend we decided to get married,and some people started saying things like we won’t last long, since we were having a long distance relationship,,and then we will for sure have culture differences ,and we will have problems because I already have a daughter and he has a son from a past relationship and also the 18years age gap we have. I don’t mind what people say,because I know in my heart that my husband is exactly the man that I EVER WISHED FOR… I’m so thankful that God gave me such a great man,that I couldn’t ask for more…We got married Dec 29, 2012 here in the Philippines and that’s one of the most UNFORGETTABLE and WONDERFUL DAY of my life… I know our marriage is still young but we are both willing to do everything to make our marriage work… Right now I’m so happy and contented on what we have…I’m just so glad that my husband never gave up on me and no matter what happens, he still loves me unconditionally… I love you SOBRA Charles Michael Freeman V. Marriage is beautiful!

Mhadie Freeman


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