8 years ago I met the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, she’s the love of my life, my best friend, and my motivator. My wife is everything to me. She’s the epitome of a true WIFE indeed. I could never imagine living life without her. She’s the MOTHER of my 1 and only daughter Mar’Lei Johnson. We got married September 25, 2013 in which is the same day we got together September 25, 2006. I am proud to say we will celebrate our 1st anniversary September 25, 2014. She’s now 23 years old and I’m 24, MARRIAGE IS DEFINITELY BEAUTIFUL.

Wayne Marley


  1. jennifer pennington

    My husband and i were married on july 24th 1999 we just celebrated our 15 year anniversary over the years we have been through a lot i know we have made it through everything life has thrown our way because we NEVER gave up on each other.I feel very blessed to have found my soul mate so early in life. We have 4 beautiful children and our marriage is still going strong 15 years later !!

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