Sex between married couples is good and sweet. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

Don’t give excuses on why you can’t please your spouse sexually. Instead, the time spent giving excuses should be used in studying your spouse and thinking of ways to make the next sex better than the last. Seek to give your best to your spouse; every sex session should be a time to give your spouse the best sex ever. Nothing short of the best! Your primary focus when you want to connect sexually with your spouse should be how to please them. When both spouses have this as their main target, mutual sexual pleasure is experienced and none will be short changed.

For the woman, don’t deny your husband sex because you do not feel like it. Focus on his pleasure at that instant and give it to him, the way he wants it. A considerate husband should understand that his wife sometimes gives him all the pleasure he deserves even when she is not in the mood just so as to please him. The man should make up for this by carefully and patiently obliging the wife when she is in the mood and give her the best time of her life.

Concentrate and pay attention when you want to please your wife. Unlike the man who can be ready at any time to have sex, the woman’s body makeup is not so, for you need to give her time to be fully aroused and to catch up with the man. When you want to work on your wife, use good kissing skills, full body massage and never rush your foreplay. A good foreplay can take up to 20 minutes. It’s not a secret that orgasms produced in this way are more enjoyable and stronger for the woman.

Sex is good. There is nothing dark or bad in sex between married couples. God has ordained it. You have the creative genius in you. Drop what has not worked and try something new today with your spouse. Use your tongue, hand, fingers, palm, eyes and everything you’ve got. God has made you a sex machine already. Be creative, it can only get better.

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