newwine‘But new wine must be put into a new bottle and both are preserved’ Luke 5:38

I once heard a story about a woman whose husband travelled and on the day he

was coming back she went to the airport to receive him. As the husband

approached, she ran towards him in sheer excitement, hugged him and kissed

him so passionately for a long time. Someone close by out of curiosity asked:

‘It seems you are newlywed and your husband has been away for years?’

No’ she replied.’ We have been married for over 10years and he’s been away for

just a few days.’

Why is it so obvious in our present age and time that only the newlyweds are

usually so passionate in their affection? And I say it is an error.

The wine in our marriage is the love, passion, excitement, affection and respect

that keeps couple fresh and preserved in their relationship. The wine should

never go dry or stale in any relationship.

The wine preserves us: body, heart and mind. Every relationship needs this new

wine daily for our love, passion and affection to be preserved. But new wine

cannot be put into an old bottle.

The norm has to be broken. Every couple ought to be very passionate, full of love

and excitement in their relationship whether they’ve been married a short time or

long time.

There should be an unexplainable joy and excitement whenever you hear your

spouse’s voice or just think about them. This joy has to flow from within the heart

and be expressed in action.

You may be thinking this is not possible, we are just ok the way we are. No, it is

not ok. Do something to spice up your relationship today no matter how it may

seem presently. Forgive and let go of any ill feeling. It is possible to experience

that excitement again you thought has been lost in your relationship.

Ask God for a fresh wine in your marriage. Also ask him to help you change into a

new bottle or vessel that is capable of retaining this new wine.


  1. Mochama Ombogo

    You are absolutely a blessing unto me. I indeed cherish and admire reading your articles. They are full of inspiration and wisdom from heaven for the readers. God bless you

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