never rush your foreplay

There is an art to foreplay. Don’t just grab and squeeze, or head straight for her privates.
1. Foreplay is part of the preparation phase of lovemaking.
2. Foreplay is focusing on helping your wife come to sexual arousal.
3. Foreplay must not be rushed. Spend at least 20 to 30 minutes on foreplay.

Developing good skills in kissing is one of the ways of initiating and maintaining a heated strong sexual session with your spouse.

Every couple should seek to be better in every area of the relationship on a day to day basis. Having good kissing skills is one of the best ways to start and maintain a good sexual connection with your spouse. When you don’t seek to be better at what you know already, very soon you might just reach a conclusion that it’s not important after all. Meanwhile, kissing affords you the opportunity to taste and feel your spouse without actually having sex. Kissing is one thing that for it to be enjoyed there has to be an actual participation of the two for it to be fulfilling.

Having a strong imagination when it comes to sex is also a great ingredient that can add flavor to our sexual acts as a couple. Build fantasies together and share stories and jokes that will heighten your sexual awareness of one another. When your imagination and fantasies of what you will and can do to your spouse is heightened, it will certainly spark off creativity in your sexual activities as a couple.

A couple also has to be energetic and physically fit to boost their sex drives. Sedentary lifestyles has a way of suppressing our sexual appetite and wanting us to look for quickies when we can actually play , spend so much time in foreplay and in the actual game which is sex.

Whenever I get the opportunity to speak about letting our imaginations soar in our sexual activities in marriage, people always have the tendency to compare what I say to the sexual craziness out there in the western culture and their propensity to lust ,self indulgence and an out of control appetite for sex. When actually what I teach is the beauty of intimacy and genuine sexual love found when the focus is on pleasing your spouse and not in self gratification.

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