My name is Brittany and my husbands name is Dustin. FINALLY, after 5 years, we got married 10 days ago, on our exact 5th year anniversary of being together. I never thought I could love someone so much. We’ve been through hell and back together and still are as strong as we were in the beginning. We got together when he was 15 and I was fixing to be 17. I lost count of how many times I was told it wouldn’t work out because of the age difference, and that it wouldn’t last because we were too young and only feeling puppy love. Now we’re married and have our first house. To every single person who ever doubted us, we are proving you wrong! I love this man for supporting me in everything I do and every decision I make. He is by far my biggest supporter. I thank God for putting such an amazing man in my life, he is truly my best friend, forever. Marriage Is Beautiful!

Brittany Taylor

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