olivaresI met my husband during his work travels in 2004. We became the best of friends instantly. We shared the same passion and vision for God’s glory. We then married in 2010. He is a beautiful creation of God. My husband is the most amazing creature I have ever laid eyes on. He is my spiritual partner, my best friend, an amazing God-fearing man. The first thing that attracted me about him was his passion & sincere love for God. His heart that aches for spiritualism and pleasing the Lord. I prayed for my spiritual partner since the age 12. I grew up knowing men who abused, cheated, and lied to their wives. God broke a generational curse of me marrying the world’s typical guy, and blessed me with His best. Obedience to the Lord is key. God sure blesses beyond the unthinkable when we yield the right of way to Him. We have been through a lot, because the devil will try to break anything that God has ordained and placed together. My hubby is my pride & joy, he is my deepest love, my FAVORITE, my FOREVER! This man captured my heart instantly with his beautiful heart, his love for Christ, his charm, his intellect, his contagious gorgeous and unforgettable smile and his great sense of humor! There is a true beauty in this man’s soul that is INDESCRIBABLE! I just love every single thing about him. God sure knows best for us. I am a true living testimony that if you wait for the right one to come, a God-given soul mate, NOT YOUR CHOICE but His, He will give you someone who will know your heart’s desire and will fit just right into your life. There is no such thing as “perfect marriage” but when you marry your godly soul-mate, the rope of three cords can’t ever be broken, because with God in the center of your marriage, you will both jump over every obstacle & every enemy’s dart will not prevail. God is THE expert in playing cupid! & because of God’s best choice for me, my life is rich in love. We will be 4 years this November 21. Marriage Is Beautiful!

Elizabeth Olivares Faul


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