peace todayMarriage is beautiful but it also has responsibilities. Marriage demands that you change certain lifestyles you were used to in times past if you really want to enjoy a happy marriage. There are no two ways about it. Marriage is for the matured who know that certain things are expected of them as they are getting married and they will never shy away from meeting those responsibilities. It’s only the immature at heart that will see and know what to do to make their marriage bliss and will refuse to take up such responsibility. Marriage is not for kids but for adults who have become accountable to their actions. Marriage gives back to you what you put in to it. Garbage in garbage out. Are you prepared to do what is necessary to put your marriage in a positive motion? Are you prepared to make your bed the way you will like to sleep on it.

Let me say one or two things about responsibility in marriage. Responsibility in marriage depends mostly on two things, Love and respect. These are the two ingredients that will carry you to any length in your marriage. When your actions in marriage are weighed and categorized under this two stuffs, you will never regret ever being married.

Love: Love is when you take your spouse as yourself. When two people become married, they become one. What affects the one affects both. If a wife is not moved by her husband’s challenges, then something is wrong. When you read 1 Corinthians 13 in the bible you will get a clear description of what love is all about. Love is not romance but a set of endless acts which endears us to our spouse and makes them to continue to desire to be with us. Let’s say you are the type that likes to party and hang out with friends, if you want to enjoy your marriage you will have to cut down or automatically cut out the hanging outs. You do it out of love because you want to be with the one you love. You don’t do it out of compulsion but you now know that it’s your duty as a husband to keep your wife company and not to leave her alone while you go out enjoying yourself. If you must hang out, think of ways you can involve your wife without harming your relationship.

Respect; It’s the respect you have for your spouse that will make you watch how you treat them. Your spouse is a full-fledged man or woman and deserves some respect. You don’t talk down on them and you don’t belittle them. If you do this, it shows that you don’t have respect for them.

Respect can also be seen in the way you try to see things from the perspective of your spouse. Some people deliberately go out of their way to do the very things they know will displease their spouse. This should not be so. You show respect to your spouse by seeing it as your responsibility. It might be inconvenient to you but respect is something that you must give to your spouse whether you like it or not. Be responsible and give your all to your marriage. This is a broad topic so I am going to give it another shot in my next article.

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  1. Nomsa

    Hi my name is Nomsa I really enjoy to read marriage love and I thank u guys 4 the encouragement,I’m praying that everything that I’m reading here its must happen to my marriage the most important thing I’m praying for its understanding,love each other,take care of each other,trust,persevarance and to be a good wife to the my hubby nd a good mother to my kids.marriage is love

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