Growing up in the same community my husband and I never crossed paths even though our families not only knew one another but we’re extremely close. It wasn’t until later in our years we met. May 4, 2012 we started dating and May 5, 2012 (The very next day) we said we loved each other. In June that next month we discussed marriage. Everyone thought it was a joke and didn’t take us serious. As time and planning went on October 26, 2013 would be the day that would change our lives forever! I became Mrs. Donald Myrick! This was truly the happiest day of my life. I encourage any and everyone to let their love be known if you feel it’s there! It can never be too soon or too late! We’re happy to announce that almost a year later we welcomed our son into our lives. I love my husband til the end of time!

Angela Viceprez Myrick


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