I got to know Nneka(not her real name)when she approached me for advice after one of our seminars. she asked me to give her advice on how to concentrate and love her husband without distractions. I looked at her and asked her just one question,I said,what is distracting you from loving your husband fully. It turned out that there was not only one but many stuffs that were distracting her. Her best tv show usually starts around the time her husband comes back from work,her mom keeps telling her that she should not believe every word that her husband tells her,her ex boyfriend keeps sending messages that he still loves her,her junior brother is jobless and her husband says he cannot help. Too many distractions for her. As long as those distractions remained,Nneka could not fully give her love and attention to her husband.
What is distracting you from loving your spouse fully. What are those things that keep making you to hold back from giving yourself fully to your spouse. Things or people become distractions if they tend to make you give part of your attention and fondness of heart that is solely reserved for your spouse to another person or thing. You need to have zero tolerance for distractions in your marriage. Distractions are dangerous to any marriage.
Distractions Will make you to start comparing your spouse to another.
Distractions Will make you take your spouse for granted.
Distractions will make you pick offence easily even when your spouse means well.
Distractions will make you to stop being real and down to earth in your Marriage.
Distractions Will strip you of every control you have in your Marriage. Distractions Will rob you your Marriage. Before you realize what is happening,it’s gone,your joy is gone,your motivation to keep going in your Marriage is gone,your willingness to make sacrifices is gone and your Marriage will also be gone.
Be like a craftsman who keeps cutting off unnecessary parts to build a masterpiece everyone will see and admire. Begin now to cut off those distractions that won’t let you concentrate in loving your spouse. Cut of that man,that woman,that tv show,that activity, that affair and any other thing that demands you share part of the love that is supposed to be fully given to your spouse with them. Your spouse deserves your total attention and loyalty. Don’t share this attention and loyalty that is meant for only them with anybody. Your mother,your dad,your brother your sister or even your best friend has no share here. It’s all about your spouse. Focus your attention fully on your spouse.
If you do this,you will one day look back and be proud of yourself,your Marriage and the person you have become in the process.
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  1. Jill Robbins

    Thank you ever so very much for sharing this article. It is very well said, and I could’nt agree more! I love and care for my husband more than anyone…ever! After two failed marriages for both of us, we have found one another and are true soul mates. I make sure that every breathe I take,… I am taking for him! I love my children and step children. They have brought so much joy into our life! I say our life because I believe our hearts beat as one! Myself and my husband, that is! However, for as much joy they bring us, nothing, and nobody can ever mean more to me than my true soul mate. The same way our chikdren’s soul mates mean or will mean the world to them, when they find them. My main priority in life is to be happy, so as to make my husband happy. Nothing means more to me than his happiness and I never allow anyone or anything to be a distraction where as making myself or my husband happy is concerned! I love him far too much for him to ever be anything other than happy! He is a good man and a phenomenal husband. I make sure he knows how appreciated he is for everything he does and everything he is! I love him so very much! Thank you again. I look very forward to purchasing and reading your book soon. Marriage truly is a beautiful thing and I am very lucky and blessed to finally be able to say and to mean that! God bless you for what you do! For you too, are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Mike

    If you love ur spouse with all ur heart,mind,body,n soul there are no distactions n deffinatly no excuse for distractions. Be true to the one who whole heartdly loves you, n be true to urself by whole heartdly loveing them back, they truely deserve that n so do you!! 🙂

  3. Chris

    This is how I’ve been for the last 3 years after letting Jesus back in my life. Unfortunately my wife is the opposite. She spends the majority of her time on Facebook reading and commenting on confession gossip pages. I’ve forgiven her for many infidelities these last three years and don’t know what to do anymore. I love and adore her but I’m last on her list .

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