better wife


When that heavy thought of ‘oh I think I married the wrong person’ comes upon you, just like it

comes upon a lot of people in their marriage relationship. Know this: you are not alone.

The feeling of inadequacy, insecurities, failure and regrets can be so overwhelming when it

bombards your mind. If proper care is not taken may lead to a fatal decision that could ruin

your marriage. Such negative thoughts of ‘you can never be a good wife, you can never be a

good mom, your husband will always find fault in you, and you can never love enough, do

enough, work enough or pray enough’ will always come. What do you do when such thoughts


A husband out of frustration said to his wife’ I wish I had married another wife than marrying


Truth be told, she didn’t really want her husband to exchange her for another woman, she just

wished that she could be a different wife. One, who laughed more, forgave quicker and

floundered less. One who never yelled in frustration or cried in exhaustion, and could turn a

messy house into a beautiful garden. She just wished she was a wife who really knew how to be

a good companion to someone with a different temperament from hers.

‘You can never be enough and you don’t have to be enough’ that is the gospel truth. That’s

Gods’ job.

Gods’ perfect plan for your marriage depends on his faithful love and not on your own


Instead of spending all of your energy trying to be a perfect wife, spend time in knowing and

understanding his perfect plan for you in his word. 2Corinthians 12:9 ‘my grace is enough to

cover and sustain you; my power is made perfect in weakness.’

Look inward and find out those things your husband really desire you to change. Talk with him

about it. Open up to him about your weaknesses and struggle, so that both of you will help and

support each other.

Finally, pray and trust God for a change.


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