My husband Chris & I were married on January 20th,2006. I could sit here and write everyone a fairytale story but truth is marriage is hard! Its so much more than being in love, to me its the most important job aside from parenting , but then again many people parent wonderfully and neglect their spouse in the process and end up kids grown and no husband… I am completely in love with the most amazing man I could have met 12 years ago. In my heart I truly believe you were made for me. There isn’t one thing life hasn’t thrown at us, its just about the choices we make daily. You shouldn’t get so caught up in life u miss the important thing’s, my marriage was guilty of all. In October 2012 we walked into our local church and put ourselves into marriage groups, GOD has entirely restored and made my marriage a million times stronger. Divorce is easy but you have to stick it out, fight for your marriage, do all that it takes, now that’s a beautiful marriage! I truly believe you are my perfect person, I’m grateful everyday to have this wonderful marriage.I love u & I appreciate you. Marriage Is Beautiful! Thank you!

Jennifer Mcwilliams


  1. Kimberly Bloom

    That was a wonderful story!very close to my own.i was married september 25 2004,my husband an i were on the brink of splitting.he had told me to get out over an over but i refused to leave.we also started going to church an it is amasing what god can do in our lives.we are back to the loving marriage we started out with an i am very greatful that we found god bc inreturn we found us.

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