My marriage is beautiful. It all started in 2009 September 20. Our road has been bumpy, a lot of obstacles, changes, memories laughter love and yes some tears. But it’s beautiful. Marrying your best friend who is serving the country, becoming a family in just a few days, making so many memories. I wouldn’t change anything. Many people doubt us because of our past, but I will never give up, I’ll forever stand by this man. And today(Sept 17) is our 1year anniversary.Marriage Is Beautiful!

Chelsey Elizabeth Yannarella


  1. donna leah souza-davis

    Wow that is beautiful. I and my man have been tougher for six years,  and let me tell you it’s been carzy, sad, hurts, tears, heartaches, but I tell you what it’s all worth it.I love him with a love I can’t understand, I fall in love with with all over again every day.I pray one day he merrys me, he is my lover my best friend,  the only person to understand me.

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