chetaI met my husband years ago when we were in same school. My name is H and my husbands name is A. We were in same school but he was one class ahead of me. He had a crush on me but I was a quiet,calm and shy girl. For some reasons we moved from that city and school. After 9 years I met him on facebook. For me it was just a hi but for him it was a big thing. He was happy that he has found his love back. By the passage of time we became friends. After a few days one day he told me I want to tell you some thing. I said what? He said I love you…. I was shivering when I was reading that. By the way we were only chatting. So I said how can you love me? You haven’t seen me for past 9 years. I saw your picture but you haven’t seen me and you didn’t tell me to show you my picture or let’s meet. He said I was not in love with your appearance only but your personalty too. When suddenly you left I said to my ALLAH ( J ) that if my love is true I will find her again and look, here you are. May be your appearance has changed but I know not your personalty. I know love is blind and I am for you. But don’t tell me let’s be friends. Because I can’t…….. I am sorry. I will not say bye I will say take care. He left. For three days my life became empty. I felt like some thing important was missing from my life. Finally, one day I wrote to him that I am sorry. Guess he was online he said I was only existing these past three days and my heart was saying, you will realize my love. I confessed my feeling to him He said are you sure and do you mean it? I said yes! He said can you give me commitment? I said yes. So finally he gave me date deadline on which we met and our families met and we got engaged and after one year we got married. Now we are blessed with a sweet daughter.
Marriage is beautiful!


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