Real Love Does Not Have an Expiry Date.

Real Love Does Not Have an Expiry Date.

It’s no longer a secret that so many homes have broken apart because one or both spouses at a point lost interest in building and nurturing their marriage as they should.

That’s why I get so excited whenever I get to talk about commitment. This is because this singular virtue is what gives any marriage the staying power to keep becoming and blossoming into a beautiful specimen that all who sees will desire to have what they’ve got.

Commitment is when you decide to write your own marital story for generations unborn to read. As issues come up, you ask God to give you the wisdom to help you deal with it, bearing in mind that you can leave a legacy for your children and generations unborn by the way you handle and deal with pressure in your marriage. Will you dare to succeed where others have failed? Will you decide to be the creator of another successful wedding story? A story your children will love and cherish to read. A story your children will love to share with their friends and above all a story that will give hope and encouragement to others who are going through similar challenges as you are having.

Commitment is really easy in marriage especially if you begin to see commitment in a new light from today. Commitment is as simple as those words you said on your wedding day; till death do us part. Commitment is you believing in these words. It is as simple as you recognizing you are being given an opportunity to love another person as yourself. An opportunity to do good to someone other than yourself. Yes, an opportunity to focus on one particular person, not two people but just one person. Very easy, right?

Commitment is you saying yes to truth, honesty, purity, love and good marital virtues.

When you are committed to your marriage, you will not have time to be comparing your wife or husband to other people. The one you have is perfect for you. If there are flaws, they could be changed. If a light bulb burns out in your house, you change the light bulb and not going to change your house address because of that. If something is wrong in your marriage, work on it and surely you will have victory in it.

I will live my life in such a way that there will be no doubt about my love for my spouse. I will live that memories of my kindness and acts of love will be held by my spouse in their heart as a treasure which they will always cherish. I will live my life such that if my spouse is asked, does your wife or your husband love you with all their heart, they can be able to answer yes with all confidence and assurance.

Who is with me on this pledge?

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    1. Kalu Igwe Kalu

      Love between couples should really be unconditional.When it becomes conditional then its no longer love.The bible recommends that we give unconditional love always.
      Please,show love to your husband whether he is cheating or not.The cheating Issue is something you have to pray and ask God to help you with.I know that God answers prayers and He will certainly help you with this issue.

  1. Rose

    I have met this wonderful but poor guy who is talented in art. I am well educated and I come from a well to do and educated family as well. This guy is an illegal immigrant with poor English. He wants me to introduce him to my family and I hate to admit it but I am not too sure he will be welcomed I am also not too keen to be seen with him. I know this sounds harsh but that is how I feel, though he has a good heart, do you think it will work out?

    1. Kalu Igwe Kalu

      If you’re not too keen to be seen with him then I think you will need to redefine your idea of what love is.
      This guy may be poor now but I don’t think he will remain so forever. It can only work out if you give it the chance. God bless you.

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