Real Love Does Not Have an Expiry Date.

Real Love Does Not Have an Expiry Date.

Help Me! I love my wife but I think I’m just not interested in the marriage anymore. No matter what she does, I’m never impressed. Sometimes, I just wish she would leave me alone. –Mr. B

Real love does not have an expiry date nor does it get tired of loving in the midst of hardship, trials, sickness and poverty.

In a beautiful marriage, couples always find a way to reinvent their wonderful moments; they keep falling in love with themselves over and over again. They don’t count the years but the wonderful memories they share is a constant inspiration that keeps urging them on, giving them hope that it will always get better.

It’s certain that true love does not have an expiry date but true love can actually be contaminated. It’s these contaminants that if left untreated and checked that can make your marriage an unbearable hell and if possible wreck your marriage. Some of these viruses are Jealousy, anger, selfishness, ingratitude and unwillingness to make sacrifices.

Please, guard your heart, guard your love, guard your marriage, and don’t give in to the lie that marriage is cheap. Your marriage is a union of two valuable unique persons who are ready to fight together on the same side and win their battles together.

I know that people are committed to their job as long as they still have the job and others are committed to their professions and callings as long as things are going fine. When it comes to marriage, you have to be committed when things are going fine and even when they are not going fine. You have to be at your duty post always. You don’t go on holidays in marriage. You have to always be available 24hrs every day.

Commitment is not a word you say and let it go like that. Commitment is when you keep showing up as a wife and as a husband even when the show of the wedding ceremony has ended. Commitment is when you continue to love your wife and husband even when the reality sets in that your marriage is quite different from your wedding ceremony. Commitment is when you realize that your marriage is your responsibility to either make it work or let it be blown around by any kind of wind. Commitment is when you decide that if my marriage is going to be sweet, that it’s up to me to make it work. Commitment is when you realize that even if your best friend’s marriage is not working, that their story does not have to be your own story.

Whenever, the thought comes to you that marriage is a cheap institution where you can walk in and out as it pleases you, stop and think Commitment. Don’t lose interest in your marriage; your marriage will only get better.

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  1. adeyemi folahanmi

    Read this piece sir and have a question on it. have been married for 10years nw and am so tired of it. have endured and never enjoyed this marriage my hubby is a quarrelsome person and as much a i try to make peace he dosent want it. pls advice me have 3 kids alrdy nd dnt want dem to suFfer

  2. Abena Owusuaa Nkrumah

    I just read this post for the first time and I say it was timely for me because I had almost decided to get out of my marriage which is not even two years. Just last Monday 7th April 2014 the family met and asked me to forgive him and he also apologized. I did forgive him but still have this hatred towards him that anytime he try to talk to me i get angry and give him cheeky answers. I don’t like what is happening to us so I asked that you joined me in prayer to come out it. Thank you.


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