14 years ago, I said “I do” to the man specially created for me, the wonderful man who is my whole world. He understands me like none other, nurtures my heart and soul, plans and imagines the future with me. He works hard and would do anything for me. The man behind my beautiful smile and swags,my best friend, he loves me deeply, he respects me and will always encourage me to be me.

‘Adeori mi’, We have gone through series of trials and we have shared treasured moments, our love is stronger everyday. The journey was rough but steady, ‘suuru lere’ indeed. With you, marriage is beautiful. My knight in shining armour. when I count my blessings, I count u twice, meeting you was fate and I thank God I didn’t do much shakara. I thank God I made the right choice. My darling husband, i want to say thank you for holding my hand through this life and proving that good men do still exist. Thank you for your love and friendship, most of all thank you for the pleasure of being your wife, I will use my last breath to say I love you and if I come to this world again, I will marry you, I will still do. Marriage Is Beautiful!

Dayo Balo


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