cleo 1cleo2cleo3Dear Marriage is Beautiful, please allow me to share with you my wedding experience and my beautiful marriage.
“Everyday I wrote a note to God. I asked him to send me someone I deserve to be with for the rest of my life… Until one night in Dubai, I decided to close my book and said to God, ‘from now on dear Lord, I’m not going to ask anymore – you know what I need and I trust you will give it to me in time…please take care of my heart – to you, I surrender everything’. After 3 days I met Azher in a business meeting in Abu Dhabi. Then our love story began…” -Cleo
“Before I met Cleo, every morning when I woke up – I always pray to God, ‘God, please change my life – you know that, this is not the life I wanted. I became successful with business and I was enjoying what life offered me but, I asked God to send me LOVE, the love I have not experienced in my whole life’ — God is amazing with his promises… He never fail us. He never leave us. I met Cleo in a business meeting, I didn’t know that she was the one that God sent to change my life. I didn’t know that God will change my life this way. I married the woman that God gave me. I found the Love I been searching for. -Azher
“We know in an instant. Our forever began, the moment we met” -A&C
We are sharing this to give positive energy to those who are searching for Love, don’t give up because it’s worth fighting for.
P.S: I’m a Canadian Resident but, was traveling for business in the Emirates, as one of my base – where I met my businessman husband in one of my business meeting

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