My husband and I got engaged on Thanksgiving day after spending a little over a week with him an his family in California we finally made it back to Texas. Though we were at his parents house I still had a 6 hour drive ahead of me before I was home. I slept most that day and waited late that night to head home. I was exhausted but knew I had to get home to take care of my patients. On the morning of December 11, 2013, I did not make it home like I was supposed to. Instead my body shut down from exhaustion and I fell asleep behind the wheel with no warning what so ever that I was tired. I was then that I would make a curve straight and launch about 7-8 feet in the air for several feet. I hit a telephone pole moving it about a foot. After flipping multiple times loosing my back wheel and passenger door I landed upside down where I hung from my seat since I was belted in until I came to and crawled out a tiny hole in my window, walk up to the road and flag down help, I was rushed to the local emergency room then quickly care flighted to a better equipped hospital to tend to my injuries. I was then put in CCU, and under went multiple surgeries. I had over 500 stitches in my face, crushed eye sockets, a broken neck, broken nose, and fractured skull. I had a chest tube put in due to a collapsed lung as well as a traech so I could breath. But so I didn’t have to struggle was put on a vent. I should have never lived through this wreck. My fiancĂ© and his parents were notified and he spent the next several weeks with me as well as my parents. To make it worse on our way to California we had already set a day and planned our wedding. I had to learn how to walk again and regain enough eye sight in one eye to be somewhat mobile by myself. I was released from the hospital a week before New Years. Even though I still couldn’t see I received my first New Years kiss. My fiancĂ© moved in with my parents and I the day I was released from the hospital to help take care of me. He cleaned my traech sight every night and on the days I got a shower would hold my head steady so the pads in my neck brace could be changed and he would then put the brace back on my neck. No one thought that us having the wedding date set for April 26, 2014, that it would be possible with the extent of my injuries and amount if time it would take to heel. We got married on the planned day. I had the wedding of my dreams with his dad performing the ceremony. Yes it was truly a miracle! My husband and I have been through a lot and are still going through a lot due to one of my eyes still isn’t healed. I have posted pictures of my wreck and what I looked like at different stages and then one from the day of my wedding. So with this being said this definitely is a beautiful marriage! It is all because of God’s glory that I am alive and married to the man of my dreams!

Hillary Glasscock


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