I call My Husband a Sex Machine

I call My Husband a Sex Machine

Recently, in one of my Marriage Is Beautiful seminars, a young man talked about how his wife’s admiration of his body turned him into a sex machine. He was comfortable having sex with his wife just once in a while but the day his wife opened her mouth and said Honey, I love your body, you are so sexy. He said his eyes opened to something he has been relegating to the background since he got married and it revived his sexual stamina and set him on a path of being the ultimate “Sexual machine” to his wife as his wife started calling him that. Our man here had totally forgotten that he has a great body which is every woman’s dream. Thank God for the wisdom she gave to this wife which brought our man back from the brink. Do you know the stage was being set for just any seductress to discover that our man here has been starved of appreciation? All the seductress needed to do was to tell our man exactly what the wife told him .The same goes for our men, have you quickly forgotten that you married a beautiful wife, have you taken her beauty for granted and have forgotten what great body your wife has and that you need to be telling her that she is beautiful and that you still admire her after many years of marriage. Don’t let it be that another man will remind your wife how beautiful she is in your place.

Wives will do well to verbalize their appreciation of their husbands. Some women will say, I am just short of words. If I want to appreciate him I don’t just know where to start. Some will say that they don’t want to sound fake. OK, you don’t want to sound fake but do you know you could be losing your husband gradually. Please do something, tell your husband you like his physique, tell him you love the way he talks. Tell him you value the input he has made in your life. Appreciation can actually turn a man around and make him very generous. There are many women who take it for granted that their husbands provide their basic needs. Some women have never worked for once since they got married and have never lacked anything, yet they say they deserve it, and will still try to make the man feel as if he has not tried enough. One young woman that spoke recently with me on this topic says she doesn’t want her man to develop pride that’s why she is careful with the kind of appreciation she gives the husband. She doesn’t know that she can actually turn her husband into a much kinder and better man and if possible a sex machine by carefully choosing the right words.

When you seek a beautiful marriage, you don’t measure the praise and appreciation you give to your husband. You lavish it on him. You pour the appreciation on him as if you are anointing him with oil, the oil of gladness. The more you praise a man, the more he does of what he has been doing and in a greater measure. Who knows, you could actually be turning your husband into a sex machine.

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  1. Mocha Townsend

    I have read the “see machine” topic of how a wife turned her husband around.  It’s sort of flipped the other way.  Though you’re correct,  I have seen my husband stretch farther to provide,  but he hardly compliments me . I’m not sure,  but I was thinking it’s sort of a barrier or maybe he’s not sure how to communicate it to me.  I have to always be the aggressor for sex and after years of marriage I’ve grown to feel inadequate,  and doubtful about myself. 

    1. Ellen

      Yes it’s true…how about the opposite ..how could you praise a man or husband that put you down and said ugly things about you..do you think you can express the words your nice and handsome and I like the way you do..that’s hypocrite and your lying to yourself..they said love the unlovable for myself I will be true to what I feel…please don’t do to others so that will not do unto you…whatever you planted that’s what you harvest….do something nice and kindness..so that it will return back to you ..

  2. marjorie hao

    i love each article i read and i learned a lot and i can apply it with i get married.
    Im thankful that you gives us advice and what the do and donts if you have partner already..
    Im dreamed for a happy married that everyone dreamed also. 
    Good bless.

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