Gone are the days where a wife folds her hands comfortably and stays at home waiting for the husband to bring back earnings for the family to feed on. In a beautiful marriage, the wife, no matter what the husband earns, seeks for ways where she can add economic value to her marriage. She goes out of her way to add to whatever the husband brings in; the prosperity of her home is top priority to her.

I know of some women that after they are paid at work, they take their whole salary and give to their husband to manage. It’s not as if they cannot manage resources themselves but they have discovered through intuition that there is joy when you give honor to whom honor is due. I will not deny the fact that there have been instances where some men were given this kind of honor and they abused it. I am also mindful of the fact that some women have also abused the honor given to them by their husbands. We are not in a blame game where we point accusing fingers at each other but in a dance where we hold each other up for maximum performance and effectiveness in marriage. What I am saying here is that its old school thinking to believe that it’s only the man that should provide for the home. There is equal responsibility for each couple to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the marriage. When the wife is the major earner, she should contribute in proportion to her earning. You don’t say, because I am a woman, I am the weaker sex so I should contribute little (Old school thinking). No! Your contribution should be based on love. The progress and prosperity of your marriage should be your concern.

That’s why we are talking about intuition. Your ability to perceive the need and direction of the family and flow with its rhythm.

I will be writing more on financial intimacy in the next couple of days. Stay Tuned!

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