egoEvery day many husbands ego is battered in their workplaces and it takes a wise woman to know how to manage her mans ego. Women also have their own ego but it pales in comparison to a man’s ego.

A man’s ego is like his heart which he carries on his sleeve. It can be easily touched, cajoled and trampled on without the one doing it realizing what he or she is doing.

Many wives’s insensitivity has reduced many husbands to become mere shadows of themselves. Some women know that their husband loves them and wont dare lift a finger to hurt them no matter the level of provocation from them, such women have seen that level of tolerance from their husbands as a license to abuse, hurt and belittle their husbands. A wife can build up or pull down her husband by the way she manages her husband’s ego. Has your husband suddenly become withdrawn and not much enthusiastic about life again? Could it be possible that his ego has been shot down either by you or circumstances that he is currently facing at work or in business? My concern is, are you part of the problem or the solution to his sagging ego? It all depends on the choice you make today.


Wives, guard your husband’s ego like a precious jewel. A beautiful marriage is created when the wife understands and sees herself as the guardian angel of her husband’s ego. When her mans ego is being assaulted on a daily basis, she rises up to the challenge, takes her place and washes stress of her husband’s life. She can do these in various ways but more especially when she quietly, subtly and silently deals with issues, problems and challenges by herself. The husband will only know of the results of such positive actions the wife has taken.

The wife can also use praise and appreciation as a weapon to deal with a sagging ego and everything that tries to make the man’s effective functioning to be shut down. Praise him for the little things he does in the house to help out. If you don’t praise him, who will? Polish his ego by acknowledging his concern and help. If you can’t remember what to thank him for, just thank him for being your husband. It will be hard to find a man who is praised and appreciated regularly by his wife that is not fulfilled in life.

Many times we have heard of the adage that says, behind every successful man, there is a woman. It’s not just every woman that is being talked about here but women who deliberately go out of their way to do things that will build up the ego of their husbands, encouraging them and urging them on even in difficult times and when the pressures of life tries to dehumanize them.

I have had opportunity to counsel many men who have been involved in affairs to know that many of such men fell to the seductress advances when their ego was at an all time low. Wives please don’t let your husband’s ego to get so low before you start doing something about it. Shield him and lift him as high as you can with your words and support.

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