I know you love your spouse,that you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Has it ever occurred to you that Love is patience displayed? You need to take it easy as you unwrap your spouse,the gift that God has given to you. Most couples who are enjoying marital bliss presently in their marriage after being married for so many years will readily agree with me that when they first started,it was not all that rosy as it is today for them. Most realized after many years and after many trials and errors in the marriage that they had hit solid gold in the person of their spouse.
As you peel off each layer of covering of your spouse,be patient to study and understand what each layer stands for. There is a lesson in each of the wrapping that makes up the gift we call our spouse.
Don’t be in a hurry to judge your spouse. Be patient with them in their failings and their mistakes. Who doesn’t need to be shown patience? Always remember,a day will come when you will need your spouse to understand and see things from your views. Try making that day easier for them by first of all being patient with them now.
Keep praying for change. Expect the change to come soon but be patient to wait for your prayers to be answered. There are certain traits and characteristics in your spouse that you just can’t change by yourself. You can’t change such traits by talking,nagging and by being pushy. That’s why you will always need to fall back on the one who gave you the gift in the first place. Your marriage is a gift from God. Learn to walk with God in your marriage. Learn patience from Him. Inspite of our failings daily,He is still patient with us and desiring the best for us.
Be patient with your spouse. Continue to be kind to them,whether you think they deserve it or not. Don’t be quick to throw it all away because you’re in a hurry to move on. Remember,that gold you have been searching for all your life might just be inside of the person you’re married to now.
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  1. Rhonda Small

    Thank for this site. I have been maride foe 22 years and in August I will celebrate 23 years. I have had some trying times in my marriage but God is and has turned it around. I needed these encouraging words. 

    Rhonda Small

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