I recently had an encounter with a young lady who got married three months ago. She was making so much complaints about her husband. Apparently,her husband is the no nonsense type and very strict. He believes in saving every extra that comes their way. She complained that her husband has never taken her out on a date since their honeymoon. I am afraid he may continue like this forever she said. From several letters I have gotten from so many married people I have come to understand that this is a common occurrence. A situation where one of the partners will always lay the burden of performance on the other.
My advice to you if you find yourself in this type of situation is to give as much love as you’re capable of giving to your Spouse first. Give love and it shall be given back to you, don’t wait for your husband to take you out,please take him out. Instead of complaints,please do something about it. Don’t always wait for your husband to be the first to initiate lovemaking,go for it and seduce him. Don’t always wait for your wife to do the cooking,get in the kitchen and try your skills.That’s what makes marriage exciting and beautiful. A beautiful marriage doesn’t just happen, it is made. You have to deliberately go out of your way to create it from nothing. It’s like you writing your own success script.
One sure way of achieving this great feat is to learn how to always go the extra mile for your spouse. Giving a little extra everyday is one sure way of making your marriage an epitome of beauty and a wonder to behold.
When you go the extra mile for your Spouse you break down every inhibition to their saying I do to you everyday.
When you have a desire that your Spouse will be saying I Do to you every day,when you desire that your spouse should be falling in love with you everyday,then be prepared to be giving that extra everyday. An extra mile walked equals to another I Do from your spouse. A little extra giving equals to another day your spouse falls in love with you again.
Today is another day to fall in love with your spouse again. Today is another day to give a little bit extra to your spouse. Remember: give love and it shall be given back to you.
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God bless you.


  1. Abraham Mary

    Am not married yet but each time open my FB just want to see what this page have 2 say. It has realli blessed me nd am learning and sometimes am realli scared. I attended a program last week Friday nd wept all through because I heard a lot from the married women, it will amaze Ÿ̲̣̣̣̥ø̲̣̣̥u̶̲̥̅̊ that “can u help me get a bottle of water” can lead to divorce nd am wondering if there are nice men. God will help us. I love what U are doing nd I pray that God will also sustain ur marriage for giving tips on how pple can sustain their marriages. God bless Ÿ̲̣̣̣̥ø̲̣̣̥u̶̲̥̅̊  

  2. Mrs tee

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm love everything about dis page and may God continue 2 bless u people with knowledge and wisdom 2 impact on people, my marriage will be 4month old by 13th of dis month and my husband have be very very difficult 2 handle no matter wat I do he his not always appreciating it or 2 even say tank u or love u am so tried right now don’t even know what to do than pray.

  3. chike

    Marriage is good so they say but some are like a biting pain in the troat, I have gone through various article of you some times I will want to call back my ex but the question is that, will she even listen to me been that she left our marriage at her will and dating some one else, ever since she left not a call nor flash or eben an SMS from her and she don’t pick my as well. With such a case, are you telling me that marriage is beautiful?  Oga sir! Marriage is full with complications that how I see it, I just need some one yo convince me more.

    1. joan

      Marriage is beautiful chike.All i can say is that God is the beginning of happiness.God is love and he is all.If you don’t love God then you cannot love your partner and vice versa.I pray God heal you of your pain and help you find genuine happiness in him and in all around you.

  4. Rose

    Hmm! there is no doubt that marriage is good. Marriage is a good thing and we shouldn’t be surprised why a lot of marriages are having problems. Every good thing has many challenges and this is what people should know. Problems are solved. Thank you for giving us solution to solve our marriage problems. We shall help by giving it out to our friends.
    You deserve to be praised.

  5. Fedora Luke

    Honestly i,m in love with this page, though i,m not married but i have learnt alot from this your page that will help me in my marriage tomorrow, thumb up for you guys, i love this, keep it up, thanks.

  6. blessed

    Marriage is beautiful,You go through a lot together but it’s worth fighting for.I know it can be frustrating especially where you have a sister in law who works tirelessly to Poison your husband’s heart.she is always in the way of your relationship.She’s also a problem to the rest of her sibling.Infact when my husband visits her, she tries to arrange her girlfriends for him knowing that he is married.She is a thorn in my flesh.I am fed up with her interference in my union.What should you do.

    1. Zippo

      Pray my sister, God knows the very best for us. Get on your knees and pray for youur husband that he remains strong and faithful to your vows and God. promise you He is working all things for good! give up and be strong!

  7. Seth Wakia

    This page has provided opportunity for couples around the world to share marital experiences that would help save those that stumble, it reminds us of God’s purpose for creation and helps us have a formidable team that pray for each other, it spices up our lifetime relationships. God bless you team members

  8. Zippo

    Your page is so inspiring. my husband and I have married 5 months now, read your page everyday and we learn so much from the things u share. May God continue to bless you as you bless us.

  9. utipdo Emmanuel

    It’s not long I join this page I love this page because have learn a lot that I suppose to learn in years although I am not married yet but soon God will give me my lover(husband) and he will surely make me to put all the lesson have learn from you sir to practise,I will also tell my friends who are married and about to married about this page. God will continue to bless you and your fans for using you to bless and raise people marriages,no matter what the devil do your marriage will not lack love,your shall continue to succeed

  10. rafael vazquez jr

    I am a follower of the Facebook page 
    About 3 years ago I have made a mistake that I regret and told my wife about it and at this point and time me and my wife are separate. I’ve been trying to work it out and save my marriage, I love my wife with all my heart and I know at this point she is very angry at me and is very hurt right now. What should I do I tell her I love and miss her everyday. I apologize for what I did, we have 2 very young children and all I want is to be back home with my wife and kids and to save my marriage please help! 

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