flashy1Women see affection as being the pillar that holds their relationship with their husband together. A woman begins to feel and have a sense of isolation with her husband when affection is lacking in the relationship. When a woman thinks emotional security she has her sight set on affection. When a woman begins to have this feeling of disconnect and distance from her husband, it is mostly because someone is not showing enough affection towards her. Women expect their husbands to keep saying to them over and over again words of comfort, words of assurance and emotionally soothing remarks. That’s why I tell husbands never to miss the opportunity to tell your wives how much you love them on a daily basis.

Sometimes, the opportunity does not just present itself easily to some couples due to their busy schedules and the kind of work they do. These are the times for the couples to be creative and proactive. Create the opportunities yourself. Its reality that you had to leave for work very early; take a pen and paper and write boldly, ‘I love You’ and keep it where your spouse will see it when they wake up. Make that call to your spouse. Surprise her with a gift and let the surprise and the gift speak for itself. Prepare your husband’s best dish for dinner without letting him know and surprise him at the dinner table.

How women cherish men who keep saying, I will protect you forever, I will always love you till I die, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, does not come as a surprise to me again because that is how their maker made them. They need this constant assurance from their husbands to feel complete and secured. Right here I’m beginning to hear some men  say, this is unnecessary, she already knows I love her, must I keep saying it over and over again, some may say, she knows I’m not that type of person, I hardly show emotion. That’s why I created this blog, a forum where we can interact and discuss issues, share experiences that will help us overcome challenges in marriage, to teach us and give us a reason to creating a beautiful marriage.


Showing emotions is not a natural attribute for men but any man who has a big appetite of pleasing his wife can learn how to. Such a person can start his learning process by starting with gestures that seem easy to you which you can naturally extend to any human being. Just remember what it takes to be nice and kind as a human being first and extend same to your spouse. When you are a kind man or woman, it will become very easy for you to show kindness to your spouse. Gestures like complimenting her on her dressing, telling her she looks nice in a particular outfit. Saying thank you for the many things she does for you. Don’t take her for granted.

You can progress from there to doing more of those that don’t seem natural to you. Like touching and hugging. This is the stage that most men give up. A part of your mind begins to taunt you and tell you that you are just faking it, and that you should stop such fooling around. Don’t stop. Keep practicing, keep touching, keep going forward and before long it will begin to seem natural to you. This will be the beginning of many more affectionate actions that will help you to meet your wife’s needs of affection. When you do this and many more, you are telling your wife that you care about meeting her needs and giving her fulfillment in life.

Wives should also Endeavor to show affection to their husbands. There is nothing wrong in being kind to your husband in your words and attitude. Show appreciation to your husbands and you will unlock his soft side. Many husbands complain that their wife’s do not appreciate everything they do for them. Why? This is because many wives assume that the thank you they said when they received the gift has done the job. A wise woman knows that it’s not just words that speak to her husband, but her attitude of gratitude, appreciation and kindness continuously, is what moves a man. There is no man that can resist a kind and grateful woman.

Show me a man who is successful and fulfilled in his marriage and I will show you a kind and grateful woman by his side.

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