We need to do more to bring back romance and intimacy in our marriage. For some couple,the only time they have held hands in public was on their wedding day.Many couples dont even know what it means to be friends with each other. When you are friends with your spouse at home,it becomes very easy for you to show affection to your spouse in public.
When was the last time you held hands with your spouse in public? You see,most couples we know who are romantic were not born that way.Some of them learnt it.They desired it and practiced it.
I encourage you to start today.Start by taking your wife out to dinner,and as you step out of the car,make it a duty to hold her hand as you walk into the restaurant.It may not come natural to you at first,but just start practicing and very soon you will get used to it. . What we are saying in Marriage Is Beautiful is that regardless of how your marriage is or has turned out to be,it can always be better and beautiful. For those who are not there yet,there are steps to take to get there.
The first step is for you to see and understand that where you are presently in your marital life is not where you should be,that it can be better, then you have to desire to move forward to the desired place.
If your marriage presently is not beautiful,you can lift it up to become beautiful by doing exactly the same things those with beautiful marriages are doing.
Please,always pay attention to your spouse,seek to be your spouse best friend and never accept setbacks in your marriage as the norm. Keep working on your Marriage,day in and day out. Before you know it,there will be an overflow and it will not really matter whether you’re at home or in the public. You will just be yourself and that will be alright. Just being yourself will create a standard that others will seek to follow.
See you on the beautiful side soon!
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