When discussing financial intimacy with couples, I have come to coin a word known as Homemade Success. I realized that so many couples do not plan together financially. They lack intimacy in financial matters. Many wives do not know what their husbands are earning and vice versa. They don’t know how they spend the money earned. This has made some couples to be making unnecessary demand on their spouses. When you don’t know what your spouse is earning you will end up making assumptions and most times this assumptions are unrealistic. It will do any marriage good if the breadwinner of the home practices full disclosure.

When full disclosure is practiced in the family’s finance, it becomes easier to plan based on what is on ground. Instead of the wife assuming that the husband’s income is more than enough, the husband should tell her, I am earning this or that. The wife will now be fully aware and can then make inputs that will help the husband to plan before they spend. The same also applies in a case where the woman is the bread winner. Most of the stress encountered by most men when it comes to issues of finance could be well avoided if the man realizes that his wife is his helper in every area of life. Your wife’s inputs in areas of finance could go a long way in relieving you of the burden of bills payment. Take it easy man, share the responsibility with your wife and save yourself plenty stress.

When you also realize that your wife is really your helper, you will not see her financial contributions in the home as competition. It’s only an unwise woman who will want to compete with her husband. Never forget that the man is the head of the home. Even in a situation where the woman is the one that provides for the home she should not forget that her husband is still her boss at home and should give him the respect he deserves. Respect is reciprocal and your husband will also respect you in return. In any environment where there is no order of things, chaos will result and things will never work as planned.

Don’t allow it to happen to your home.

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